About XHD


XRPHD (Ripple Coin, referred to as XHD) is an innovative digital currency based on Conditioned Proof Of Capacity. It uses hard disk as the device for mining, and obtains network block reward according to the capacity of the hard disk

XHD mainly uses distributed book-keeping technology to solve the problem of real-time cross-border payment


imageConsensus algorithm is more decentralizedin the XHD network trusts, Every miner has the right to participate and they can make their own decision. XHD trusts trillions of XHD nodes. Therefore, miners jointly determine theauthenticity of the transaction.
imageXHD network is safer and more reliable In the future, XRD network will have hundreds of billions of hard disk physical devices to maintain the security of the entire network, and because of the characteristics of the POC consensus algorithm, the probability of 51% attack on the XHD network is extremely low.
imageMore fair , everyone can participate Since XHDis produced through hard disk mining and thereis no monopoly, everyone can participate in the mining, packaging and distribution of XHD, and the hard disk device is inherently resistant to ASIC. The value of decentralization and credibility has been optimized with a lighter, economical and environmentally friendly blockchain spirit, which providing more for the vision of "all-mining" Possibilities.
imageEcological diversity, multi-chain coexistence Because of the POC consensus mechanism, the future XHD backbone can derive more symbiotic sub-chains. XHD can make cross-chain transfers between the main chain and the sub-chains. XHD will become the common currency in the main chain and sub-chain.

Tech and coin distribution

Total Volume 90,000,000,000 XHD
IEO 6% :Totally 5,400,000,000 XHDCooperative mining coins needed for early miners, released to the community at very low prices
Miners 7% pre-mining,totally 6,300,000,000 XHD, reach to 42000 block height. 6% of IEO, totally 5,400,000,000 XHD;1% for promotion,totally 900,000,000 XHD
Burst Time Every 5 minutes
Original Block Size 150000 XHD/Block,4MB
Dynamic CPOC Rules Fixed below 1000 PB for 8000XHD per T. After 1000P, it will be automatically adjusted according to the calculation capacity value. Every 2016 block will be adjusted according to the average capacity of the entire 2016 block.
Halving Period Every 300000 block,around 2.85 years
Original TPS 70 T/S
CPOC There is no limit on the length during cooperative mining period: More than 9 months in the algorithm is 100% proportional to effective cooperative mining: More than 6 months in the algorithm is 60% proportional to effective cooperative mining More than 3 months in the algorithm is 30% proportional to effective cooperative mining Less than 3 months in the algorithm for 10% calculation of effective cooperative mining, including cooperation period without constraint time and balance of non-pointing wallet.
XHD Foundation Address 3QjtuLjbmJPMCPCVmBvbxUVPa5UQcnZnp6
Huge Block Address
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